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Shots I filmed / Role: ALL / Camera / DOP

Production: StoryLab

The Brief 

Create a series of 4 training videos to show to trade partners like Harvey Norman, Retravision, The Good Guys, etc. The purpose of the videos is to inform sales people about new products from the Whirlpool range.

The Solution 

We first imagined what it must be like for sales staff to receive product briefings from their trade partners. Mostly boring. We wanted to turn that on its head and give them something they look forward to receiving.

So we developed a series of 4 discrete characters all relating to the products themselves. There was: The Butler series – an out of work butler The Crisp n’ Grill/Jet Chef microwaves – a jet fighter pilot The Sports Washer – a coach The Cabrio washing machine – a Star Trek alien

We hired an outstanding actor/comedian, Mike McLeish, who expertly brought the characters to life.

The Result 

Fun, humorous and memorable videos that will stick in the sales team’s heads when they’re out on the floor, selling up a storm. We’ll update this post when the sales figures start rolling in.

The Team 

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