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You have been planning your wedding for quite some time. You’ve imagined every detail and dreamed about this day. Then suddenly it’s over and after spending all the money on the dress, cake, food and flowers you’re left with nothing but your great memories.

This is where we come into play. Our Wedding Videos will help you not only remember all the little details of your wedding day but actually allow you to relive and feel every emotion over and over again. Wedding Videography isn’t always the highest on the priority list before the wedding, but having a wedding video after is always the most treasured item. We pride ourselves in delivering a premium product that is crafted tastefully and polished. All of our clients are forever impressed on how smooth we operate on the day, unobtrusive and professional.

So you made it this far, your looking for a videographer now. Welcome to the site, please take the time to view our wedding highlights and showreel to get a feel of our filming style and editing. And if you like our style and are interested in finding out more, please contact as soon as you can to see if we are available to film your special day.

Current Wedding ShowReel

The Service

We typically shoot documentary style (fly on the wall) and offer cinematic highlights, which incorporates the use of Steadicam, Jibs and Sliders. We can operate as a one man band to a four person camera crew, and you can nominate the hours of coverage, so we can always cater for most budgets. Professional audio is always used to ensure crisp audio for your ceremony and reception formalities - something that is constantly overlooked by majority of wedding videographers. We also use a combination of the new cinema line cameras and canon DSLR’s to ensure we can capture your day smoothly and safely manage your memories.

As we film a limited number of weddings each year, we are also filming on behalf of other wedding companies based in Melbourne. So we get to cover a wide variety of weddings, from vintage hipster to classic modern weddings – we have seen it all.  This helps us achieve great rates to couples that contact us directly, as we can offer ‘wholesale’ like prices and ‘custom packages’ based on what you want. And as a result we offer a faster turn-around time for your final product than most.

Please view our FAQ page for more detailed information about our wedding videography service.

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