The Human Fog

Monsters in the Brain

Produced by Bandit Films:

Nominated for best achievement in a screenplay at the 2012 St Kilda Film Festival (Melbourne Australia)


Graham hasn’t been outside his house for some time, preferring to exist within the solitude of his bunker like home. This morbid self-obsessed existence consists of smoking pot, listening to vinyl and flickering through high-speed Internet porn. With a rich inner narrative Graham ponders the personal anxieties that orbit within his cynical universe. Enter Billy, the unwanted visitor who interrupts Graham’s morbid world. Billy is a confused mess, much to Graham’s delight and misery.

Written and Directed by Tom Broadhurst
Produced by Gavin Spokes
Edited by Paul Rowe
Starring Lee Mason, Brett Swain and Georgia Bolton
Directors of Photography Angus Kemp and Daniel De Silva

Sound Design: Music and Effects

Written and performed by Rowland S. Howard
Published by Ga Ga Music

“Two Legged Dog”
Written and performed by AFCGT
Published by Sub Pop Records

White Youth Worker
written and performed
by The Professional Savage

“Are you good?”
Written and Performed by David Lynch

Written by Townes Van Zandt
Performed by Rowland S. Howard
Published by Native Tongue and Liberation Records

Portfolio Details

CLIENT : Bandit Films

DATE : 09/14/2011

TAGS : Short Film