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MoVI M10 Operator Melbourne: The Freefly Movi M10 offers an alternative to the Steadicam with much faster set-up times, a smaller footprint to it get in places a Steadicam can’t, more movement flexibility like low to high-angle, gaining smoother shots much more easily.

Check out the current Movi demo reel:

Movi Demo Reel // Cloakroom Media from Cloakroom Media on Vimeo.

What is unique about our Mōvi system? Our camera system combo, we have 2 typical configurations with the C100. Why this camera? We have the ability to record Prores 422, Internal ND filters, 950g body weight, swivel LCD (great for the Mōvi), detachable side handle, 6 hour batteries, long record times without changing media, dual redundancy recording and the new and exciting Dual Pixel Auto Focus. All this equates to a productive combo, enabling more time shooting and less time setting up.


Light weight single operator mode with the Canon EOS C100. This camera is also equipped with the Dual Pixel Auto Focus upgrade, which utilises contrast detection and measures distance to the focus area. So you never get the hunting and searching for focus, a very new and unique feature, only available to one large chip video camera to date (C100). This produces amazing accuracy with tracking moving subjects, and when the camera moves with it. To accompany this feature we have moved the side handle up onto the top bar of the Mōvi so you can use the cameras grip as a handle, giving you access to Auto Focus lock/unlock, Iris, Shutter, ISO, White Balance and trigger record. We have included uncompressed wireless HD transmitter and receiver for remote viewing on a sharp 8″ LCD HDMI Monitor. This can be remotely powered and comes with a neck strap / C-Stand mount option. Without the need for a monitor on this setup, our system is very lightweight, and enables far less fatigue, and up to 15-20min takes.

Dual operator mode is identical but with the ability to remotely pan and tilt the camera via a second operator. This allows for the Mōvi operator to concentrate on camera position safely, leaving the framing to the second operator.

A great example of vehicle tracking here with Ford Motor Company in collaboration with Newborn Productions.

Our Mōvi comes with 4 Batteries and 1 LiPo charger. 4 Batteries would run for up to 12+ hours of shooting with our setups. We also have a custom case which keeps our weight down to 22.5kgs which avoids excess baggage charges when travelling interstate.


As an option, we have the following accessories to add to the Mōvi system:

An example of some work shot on our Movi M10:

.melbourne – the most liveable web address from Cloakroom Media on Vimeo.

MōVI: The Burton Session from Freefly on Vimeo.

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