John Farnham – Acoustic Chapel Sessions [The Grindhouse] Posted In: Camera Work, Music

Shots I filmed: Jib Shot for all performances

Production: The Grindhouse

“When The Grindhouse was started in 2008 there’s no way that we thought one day we’d be making a DVD for the great John Farnham. It was pleasure working with such an amazing band and team. When you’ve got a performer and group of musicians this good all you do is sit back and capture it.

This DVD is a collection of John’s songs from his career stripped back.

Shot on Canon 5Ds.

Brent Quincy Buchanan

Harry Joaquin Charnock

Filming of Performance
Daniel De Silva – Camera
David Withers – Camera
Dan “Cool Dan” Farmer – Camera
Brent Quincy Buchanan – Camera
Becka Mezzatesta – Production Co-Ordinator
Harrison Murray – Camera Assistant
Ben Vella – Photography
Adele Pollitt – Make up
Jacinta D’Angelo –Make up

Tim Martino
Ben Gilbert” – Transcript taken from The Grindhouse

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