Ford GTF 351 // BTS: Mōvi M10 Vehicle Rig Posted In: Camera Work, Gear Blog, Production Stills

Production: Newborn Productions

I got to rig up the Movi M10 on a really cool gig a few weeks back with Newborn Productions in Melbourne, Australia, filming a soon to be revealed Ford GT-F 351, on a private track. The production crew have a Mercedes Vito Van at their disposal and managed to rig up a mini jib in the center of the van, and hung out the arm via the sliding door – enough reach to clear the van out of shot.

The Ninja star and toad in the hole quick release shipped just in time the day before the shoot, and we tried to work out a way to mount the Movi onto the jib securely. With a 1 inch thick rubber plate between the ninja star and the jib, it was a snug and safe fit.

We weren’t entirely sure how smooth our shots would be as we didn’t have too much time to test it out. But we were confident it would produce better shots than the jib on its lonesome. After about 2mins on the track, we all had big grins on our faces!

Check out the final video here to see the results (car tracking shots in the last third of the film). Absolutely ZERO Post stabilization!

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