Canon 5D3 Low Light Test Posted In: Gear Blog

I took an hour away from the computer and headed down to Federation Square Melbourne to test the noise of the new Canon 5D mkiii. The 5D is coupled to the Cinevate Atlas FLT (which im still getting used to!).

This is quite rushed! I plan to do a comparison to the MKII before its sold..

Local time was 9pm, as you can imagine it was very dark looking out into the yarra river. Here is a couple of shots demonstrating the 6400 – 25600 ISO range.

Footage is straight off the card (no grading or correction) and exported with FCPX vimeo video sharing option.

I have heard a rumor that the new 5D codec could be an issue with editing, but had no issues with FCPX.
The new codec has about 5min record time per 4GB file, a considerable difference (625MB per GB.. I think?)

EDIT: will add more 12800 ISO (against brickwork) samples shortly

Settings used:
1080p 25
Netural: Sharpness 1 Notch from left / Contrast 2 Notches from left / Saturation 2 notches from left
ALO OFF / Highlight tone priority OFF

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